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AO-40 FD

While AO-40 lingers over North America for a long period of time 
during Field Day weekend this year, a quick run of the numbers using 
the current transponder schedule reveals about 4 hours of operation 
for North America.

With many of the usual satellites out of service, Field Day operations
look to be rather disappointing for demonstrating the effectiveness of
satellite communications. Although, the event may demonstrate 
the resourcefulness of those who brave the elements of mother nature
to work what is working when it is working.

FO-20 and FO-29 will be sorely missed this year. Let's hope that 
FO-29 is not completely out of the picture.

Let's not forget AO-16 as a resource as a digipeater in the sky working
very well.  IO-26 seems to be in MBL mode and not accepting any
signals to be digipeated at the moment. If the controllers are listening
maybe they can get IO-26 up and running for digipeater operation to
make satellite operation a little more interesting.

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, AL

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