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Two times first on Ao40 :-)


Today this morning I tested again my 23cm uplink on Ao40.
It is a self-made 2m-->23cm converter with 20W output, and 4x 23el loop-yagi 
also self-made.

This time the satellite was at an optimum position for my qth, just between 
the two neigbour houses :-)
It was a little tricky to find the right uplink freq. on my 2m IF but 
finally I could hear my downlink signals :-)

I was affraid maybe my 2m uplink IF would cause interference on the 2m 
downlink IF, but
there was no problem at all.

My first 23cm contact I made was very special, it was with VK6NU what was 
also my first VK
contact :-) So it was a double first contact haha.
Now my 23cm is working, the next problem is to find some location at my qth 
to have a better location
where I can work the satellite more often without problems from trees, 
houses etc...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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