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Re[3]: Trying AO-40


Re mail Sunday, June 1, 2003, 8:41:28 PM, 

> Yes, I agree the beacon frequency is fine.

> And I assume that the passband edges are correct as the AMSAT-DL page 
> indicates.

> However, in practice it doesn't seem that they're aligned relative to each 
> other as well as intended.  From what folks with experience tell me, the U 
> and S2 passbands appear to be shifted about 35 kHz from what I (and others) 
> have assumed.

>  From the passband charts given, one would assume that uplink on 435.550 
> would result in downlink of 2401.475, which is not the case, to give one 
> example.

> Could I persuade you to put up an up/down frequency chart, or at least note 
> that the passband edges don't line up, with about a 35 kHz shift?

It is not the intention of the chart to tell the relationship of the
transponder frequencies, but shall inform about the bandwidth of the
transponders. Did you ever try to find out how far you can go to the upper
or lower limits on the S2 transponder? Then you will find out that the
bandwidth is different if you uplink on U band or L band. Rolf, DK2ZF and I
have extensively tried out.

I've checked the chart which David, ky7dr has published on his webpage
If it helps I will put a link on the AMSAT-DL frequency table to this chart
which I would take over and slightly modify to also include German
language. Would you permit, David?

Reinhard, DJ1KM                            
Webmaster AMSAT-DL

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