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Re: QRV & 1st DX QSO !!!

Hello Phil,

first of all congratulations on your first qso on AO-40. You wilcertainly
enjoy many more QSO's.

Regarding the dopplershift you mentioned, there is a rather simple rule of
thumb. The doppler is minus before apogee and plus after apogee. The more
you are before apogee the lower the frequency is, and the more you are after
apogee the higher the frequency is. Say at MA 20 it will be around 2401.300
and at MA 240 it will be around 2401.350. At apogee it will be close to
nominal frequency. If you are using a tracking program which also can issue
a list containing dopplershift you may try out yourself.

Monday, June 2, 2003, 2:57:20 AM, you wrote:

>  This morning I tuned around 2401.323 and couldn't find 
> the beacon.  After much frustration and tuning around, I decided that I 
> had indeed found it at 2401.307 or so.  AO-40 was out over the Atlantic 
> at this time.  As it moved over SA, the frequency went up and when it 
> was about straight south of my qth it was around 323.  I'm assuming that 
> this was doppler that I was seeing, or hearing?! 


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