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QRV & 1st DX QSO !!!

First off I'd like to thank everyone here on the reflector for posting 
your many thoughts, comments, and suggestions over time.  I've been QRV 
on the reflector for a while and have been just soaking up the info. 
 For you new folks to sats out there, please also just soak up the info 
(filter out the emotions) and put it all into your own perspective.

I've been collecting the necessary equipment and parts to become QRV on 
the sats for some time now; used to operate RS-12 a while ago but only 
chased DX on HF.  Finally it's come together.  I'll be posting some piks 
and info on my club website and will post that URL when ready.  You'll 
all see that I'm going into this full tilt boogie!

I've been QRV on UO-14 for a few days now (waiting for the next pass as 
I type).  It's a blast, kinda crowded, similar to HF contesting.  You 
have to pull out the calls fast and get in and QSO quick to allow time 
for the next person.  Still learning how to operate my FT-736R; finally 
figured out how to store frequency pairs in the memory and retrieve them 

And I'd like to proudly announce that this morning, June 1 at 1335Z, I 
made my first DX QSO and first QSO ever on AO-40 with DL1RG.  Thanks 
Gerald.  (Oh, I'm in EN51. I forgot to give that info during the 
excitement.)  You know, I've made DX QSOs all ways possible on HF and 
nothing beats your first DX contact, no matter where and how.

I agree with some of the recent posts; those frequency charts that are 
published were throwing me off also.  I do have a question, " Besides 
the movement of the satellite, will the rotation of the earth, i.e. 
movement of the observer, also cause doppler effects?"  I believe the 
answer if yes.  This morning I tuned around 2401.323 and couldn't find 
the beacon.  After much frustration and tuning around, I decided that I 
had indeed found it at 2401.307 or so.  AO-40 was out over the Atlantic 
at this time.  As it moved over SA, the frequency went up and when it 
was about straight south of my qth it was around 323.  I'm assuming that 
this was doppler that I was seeing, or hearing?!  Also, I had a small 
heck of a time finding my own downlink signal and was most successful 
(My first time mind you so don't flame me too bad!) by cranking up the 
power and finding Leila and then reducing power to hear myself.  In 
don't think I was clobbering another QSO and I know this is not the 
prescribed method to find one's downlink but it did work.  I too am 
starting my own frequency chart to help out.  

Tnx agn to all and cu on the birds (the few we have at this time).  Now 
I have to get the digital stuff going?!!
Don't forget to support your local satellite construction!  73  Phil 
 KB9CRY  (EN51 from Chicago)

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