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Re: Trying AO-40

>Ed Cole speaks:
>And I have one of these handy circular calculators to help me find my
>uplink frequency once I know the current MA (either from my tracking
>program or the beacon telemetry).  With +/- Doppler of up to 30 KHz getting
>an accurate number for the uplink can be challenging. So look at this:

Good show, Ed!!  I devised annd used these converters since O7!  I even 
advertised them in QST 25 years ago, and sold about ten of them for $1 
each!!  I've made them for every satellite since, and have a description on 
my website:


I still have a bunch from FO12, good for FO20, and FO29.  Anyone that wants 
one send me a large sase, you'll have to provide the large size dress snap 
that holds them together!

Some of the old timers used them, and if they would come out of the 
woodwork, we could use their advice on the nets!!

Ed, I don't have any idea of what these other people are talking about!!

I've got 5 converters that I've used starting with O13, and there is as 
much as 90 kHz difference using a frequency source that I know is 
accurate!!!  I could sure get into an argument with myself about which one 
is correct, and that would be about as fruitful as the arguments from the 
"experts" here!!  That's why I mate every NO DITTER (as I called them) to 
every converter...

And then throw doppler into the mix!!

If I think of it on one of our nets, I'll ask for the IF they are using 
just to see what the differential there will be.

Keep your good stuff coming!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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