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Re: Trying AO-40

The fact is then, that if the beacon uplink isn't 435.7, then the 
frequency charts need to be updated as published.  It could be that's 
why people end up QRMing the beacon.  They see they are no where near 
435.7 and they go searching for their signal.  When I started on AO-40, 
I went and made a frequency chart like I have done with every 
satellite.  Well, it shows the 435.7 as the uplink.  Drew says there's 
no substitute for accurate information, yet if the information on the 
frequency charts is wrong then how can you blame people for screwing 
up.  Oh, that's right, you claim they don't have a big enough receive 
antenna.  I forgot.  That's the panacea for everything.

As for the "fairly close" bit - yeah, it is somewhat.  If you consider 
that the control ops have asked us to stay at least 30 kHz from the 
beacon and if you take into account, doppler, radio variations, etc. 
then I would say you could easily fall within that 30 kHz window.



On Sunday, Jun 1, 2003, at 12:05 America/Chicago, David Rush wrote:

> I've "discovered" that AMSAT-DL's chart (that even claims to be 
> updated 30 Jan 2001, post launch and post-"incident") and the DEM 
> chart that AMSAT NA's AO40 FAQ (dated 25 Aug 2002) recommends are both 
> inaccurate, and represent theoretical and/or pre-launch values, not 
> post-launch reality.  I'd sure expect AMSAT-DL and AMSAT NA (of all 
> groups) to have accurate charts (HINT, HINT), and/or at least clarify 
> pre-launch specs vs. post-launch reality.
> Not wanting to be critical, but is 35 kHz off "fairly close"???  One 
> could easily clobber the beacon without knowing it at that kind of 
> error, and that's pretty far off to go searching for one's downlink I 
> think.
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