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Re: Trying AO-40

My, my Drew, what a nice little attitude you have there.  Sure hope it 
shows up on the birds that way.

35 KHz is plenty - you are correct.  However, if you calculate a 
frequency chart you get:

At the low end of the receive band:  2401.245 corresponds to 435.78
At the high end of the receive band: 2401.475 corresponds to 435.550

That is on the published frequency charts.

Now from 2401.475 to 2401.325, you have a difference of 150 kHz.  If 
you add, 150 kHz to 435.550 MHz, you get:
435.7 MHz!!!


Now, let's try it from the other direction:

 From 2401.325 to 2401.245 you have 80 kHz.  If I subtract 80 kHz from 
435.78, I get OH MY GOSH: 435.700 MHz!

So you see Drew, your smug attitude didn't help at convincing me at all.

In reality the frequencies may be different.  That's why I alluded to 
that in my response to the 435.666 number.  Maybe it is different.  But 
you know what, it's darn confusing then for newbies since if they make 
a frequency chart, they will see that 435.7 MHz is the corresponding 
uplink for the beacon's downlink.  That is a fact.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


On Sunday, Jun 1, 2003, at 12:43 America/Chicago, Andrew Glasbrenner 

> 35 khz difference is sweeping a lot of QSOs. 435.666 gets you within 
> 10 khz
> every time. There is no substitute for accurate information. If you 
> don't
> know, let someone else answer, because Hardy is right, and you are not.
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