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Re: Trying AO-40

Jon (and others who have helped in private email):

I've "discovered" that AMSAT-DL's chart (that even claims to be updated 30 
Jan 2001, post launch and post-"incident") and the DEM chart that AMSAT 
NA's AO40 FAQ (dated 25 Aug 2002) recommends are both inaccurate, and 
represent theoretical and/or pre-launch values, not post-launch 
reality.  I'd sure expect AMSAT-DL and AMSAT NA (of all groups) to have 
accurate charts (HINT, HINT), and/or at least clarify pre-launch specs vs. 
post-launch reality.

Not wanting to be critical, but is 35 kHz off "fairly close"???  One could 
easily clobber the beacon without knowing it at that kind of error, and 
that's pretty far off to go searching for one's downlink I think.

So... I'm working on an HTML uplink/downlink chart for my own use (but will 
share with the world).  Most agree on the (forbidden) "beacon uplink" of 
435.667 (+/- 1 kHz or so), which tells me the formula is:

2836.990 - uplink = downlink

2836.990 MHz - 435.667 MHz = 2401.323 MHz.

Assuming this formula is valid for the entire passband, what is the usable 
range of the passband(s)?

Also, are there conventions for where folks do CW vs SSB?

David, ky7dr

At 11:24 AM 6/1/2003 -0500, Jon Ogden wrote:

>On Sunday, Jun 1, 2003, at 09:23 America/Chicago, Reinhard Schulze wrote:
>>I wonder about 435.700 MHz as a corresponding uplink frequency for the
>>beacon. For me it's abt. 435.666 MHz.
>>On my website I have compiled some information about
>>preparing for AO-40 from my experience.
>>73 de Hardy DC8TS/KC2DMA
>435.7 is about the theoretical uplink if you chart it out from the 
>published frequency tables.  It may be different for you due to doppler, 
>radio variations, etc.  Regardless 435.666 is still fairly close to 435.7.
>Jon Ogden
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