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Re: Trying AO-40

On Saturday, May 31, 2003, at 23:40 America/Chicago, David Rush wrote:

> With further research, if I'm reading the schedule correctly the U/S 
> transponder was turned off at MA 100, which I believe corresponded to 
> about 11:00 MDT (13:00 EDT).  Am I right?  That would explain my 
> difficulty in finding my downlink, as the time I spent mucking around 
> to get the uplink going may well have spanned 11am.
If that was the time the transponder turned off, then yes, you won't 
make it through.  So I hope you can get through perhaps today if 
there's a good pass.

> I'm confused about one thing in AMSAT's AO-40 FAQ, under "How do I 
> find my own signal on AO-40?".  It says to first find the beacon at 
> 2401.323.  By my calculations, the corresponding uplink to the beacon 
> would be 435.702 - right?  The FAQ says "a good frequency for U/S 
> usage is 435.700".  Isn't that going to put you almost on top of the 
> beacon, a big no-no???

You are exactly correct!  And maybe this solves the question of why 
some people tune up on the beacon.  It's been alleged that it's because 
they can't hear the beacon.  But if that's what the FAQ says, it would 
be confusing.  I think that what the FAQ is "trying" to say is:

1.) Find the Beacon
2.) The typical corresponding uplink frequency for the beacon is 
3.) Lock your VFOs and make sure you use reverse tracking.
4.) Move off the beacon to a clear spot.
5.) Key up.   You should find your signal pretty close.  You may need 
to adjust your downlink only up or down slightly to find yourself.

Now the control crew has asked that stations stay 20 to 30 kHz away 
from the beacon.  That way, there's no chance of QRMing it.

Good luck getting on the bird!



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