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Special Event Station - W6OI on Sunday June 1st

I will be operating a special event station tomorrow, Sunday, June 1,
2003. Jack Moore, K5CC, will be hosting the annual 10-10 International
Hill Country Picnic at his home in Bulverde, TX (NE of San Antonio).
Some of you have worked Jack on the FM satellites; he gets on the birds
several times a year. One of Jack's assorted duties is trustee of the
10-10 International club station, W6OI. Jack has authorized me to
operate W6OI tomorrow (Sunday) for the morning satellite passes, as my
wife and I drive from Houston to Bulverde for the picnic.

The possible satellite passes (San Antonio times) are:
AO-27 1202 UTC
AO-27 1337 UTC
UO-14 1341 UTC
AO-27 1518 UTC
UO-14 1519 UTC
SO-50 1553 UTC
SO-50 1733 UTC

If these birds are operating, I will try to make those passes. The plan
is for me to operate the satellite passes from my mobile along the way,
and to try and make it to Jack's home in time for the last SO-50 pass.

QSL info is to send QSL cards to me. Jack will provide me with QSL cards
for W6OI.

Additional details for the W6OI special event satellite operation appear
on my satellite web page:


I hope to work a number of you tomorrow.

Allen N5AFV
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