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RE: DC to Preamp with ICE Arrestor

At 05:17 PM 5/31/2003 -0500, WB4YDL wrote:

>This unit is supposed to have the DC insertion modification - see Array
>Solutions site for explanation. I just don't know how to provide the DC.

I would expect that you would provide the DC in the same way you would
provide it if you didn't have the Arrestor in line. Put the DC 'injector' 
right after
the radio, as you normally would.

The purpose of the DC insertion modification is to pass the control DC 
through the Arrestor.

John - K9IJ

>James C. Hall, MD wrote:
> >Hello:
> >
> >I'm attempting to power a mast-mounted 440 MHz pre-amp while going through
> >model 302 ICE lightning arrestor. I ordered the one with the ability to get
> >DC to the preamp but I am not sure how to go about this. There is no
> >indication on the ICE unit as to which connector goes to the antenna and
> >which goes to the transmitter. There are 2 (ground ?) nuts - one above each
> >N-connector. Is this the variety that allows DC to pass through the
> >arrestor, or do I have to wire around the arrestor, and if so how ?
> >
> >Thanks !
> >
> >73, Jamie


John Rice  K9IJ
Webmaster, Network Admin, Janitor

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