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Hi All

I was one of the stations who was on the "bird" this morning
and I noticed there weren't many stations on the passband.
Ok, it was a saturday morning on USA, but even so I think 
main reason for the lack of activity is the fact that many AO40 
ops didn't realised yet that the sat is "back on service".
So, what about spread the word using the best world wide 
service for radio information? Yes, I'm talking about the Packet 
Cluster!!! If you check it, you realised the only AO-40 spots 
this morning were done by me!
So, log in to your local packet cluster (or via the web, telnet
webcluster, etc)  and start spreading the news: AO-40 is back!

About this morning I logged 2 new DXCC and about a dozen
stations. Many thanks to all!
BTW, the sat was fantastic. I had to use less than 10W,
otherwise I would trigger LEILA :0)
See you soon on AO-40 (unfortunatly not tomorrow, 1st June.
I'll not be on the QTH)

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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