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FO29 Silent

Ladies and Gentlemen
On the 1829 utc mid atlantic pass of FO29 today I could not detect the 
beacon or transponder operation,I will make some further observations over 
the next few days.
So at the moment UO14 is the only FULLY OPERATIONAL Analogue bird?
RS12/13 presumed lost
FO20 silent for a few weeks although two reports of some activity
SO50 intermittent operation in Europe
AO27 not heard in Europe recently
AO10 not heard for a long time
RS15 intermittent beacon, transponder very poor or non existent
AO7 operational(sometimes) on solar power only
AO40 semi-operational
AO49 presumed lost
UO22 non operational(might be permanent)
NO44 probably getting towards the end of its operational life, we shall see?
UO11 semi operational
All the above are from my personal observations during the last few months.
I'm not sure about SO41/42 and some of the other Digital birds?
Dosn't look very good does it! especially as UO14 suffers very high levels 
of QRM etc over here in Europe,so lets hope that some of the news birds in 
the pipeline are successfull.

Regards Robert G8ATE

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