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7-pin metal connectors for Yaesu G-5500A rotor

You should be able to get them from an electronics component
distributer, if you know what to order! Have a look in a catalogue. I
would guess that they might cost around $10 each.

I bought a G450-C rotator about 18 months ago, and I recognised the
connector as an aircraft/military type, which I had used at work in
1950s. At the time they were known as 'Plessey Plugs'.  I was rather
surprised to find one on my rotator, as they are rather difficult to
take apart and re-assemble without special tools, Not really suitable
for ham radio!  I was also annoyed to find that both ends of the cable
had connectors fitted, so that I had to cut the cable to pass it through
in the shack wall.

I also have a G550 elevator, this had a different type of connector,
which I had used at work, more recently.  This was known as a 'Cannon
Plug'.  IIRC this was supplied without the lead, and was easy to wire-up
and assemble. 


	 Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.
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