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Re: Serial port question


I have 3 PCI serial cards from CompUSA in my machine giving my 6 extra 
ports.  That 8 port model another poster mentioned would have been 
better, but I bought these over time.  I think they cost about $36 or 
so.  They also give you another parallel port.  It's nice to have 
multiple parallel ports as well.  They work great except not every 
program in Windoze allows you to use anything higher than Com4!  The 
better software packages do.



On Saturday, May 31, 2003, at 08:50 America/Chicago, Jim Walls wrote:

> Hi guys,
> 	Yes, this really is a satellite related question although it sounds 
> like a computer question.  I recently added a Windows XP based 
> computer here at the house that has only one physical serial port (as 
> COM1) and a modem (as COM2).  Because of all the radio and rotor 
> controlling stuff, I need at least 2 more serial ports.  There are 
> three major options:
> PCI serial port card(s)
> USB to serial conversion adapter
> External LAN based serial ports (separate box that lives on the LAN 
> and will provide apparent serial ports for any computer on the LAN).
> Because I will need multiple devices operating simultaneously, a 
> serial port switch will not meet my needs
> Any of you have any recommendations on the better way to do it?

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