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Brand New Conifier 2.4ghz Dishs for sale including downconverters (for AO40 or for 802 wireless use)

Hi All

Im from Brisbane in Australia, and just Im letting everyone know Ive got 950
Brand New Conifier MMDS 2.4ghz microwave dishes in both 18 dbi and 24 dbi
versions for sale to any users groups or resellers that maybe interested in
buying the lot, or at least in minium of batches of 100.

These dishes all come with all down converters for AO 40 satellite use.
but im not sure if any modifcation are needed to the down converters to run
on AO-40, but ive been informed they should be ok,
and in this article   http://www.qsl.net/vk1krf/Connifer/Connifer.htm    had
confirmed this with some testing.

Or they come without the down converter, and are pre modified ready to plug
in, if wanting to use with wireless 2.4 ghz 802 wireless networking.

They are known to reach distances of 20- 25 km with 802 wireless
applications, and we inlclude an improved modified di-pole to
to extend the gain and SNR of the original specs, while runnin in 802. to
about 26 dbi on the 24 dbi model.

Due to some of these antenna's being sold in 802 format, we also have alot
of left over downconverters for sale aswell.

At this stage im quoting prices on application, but as a general bottom line
if I could sell the whole batch of 950  in one go , or
at least a significant amount, Id say i would be looking to get $58 US
dollars ea. for them.

Freight shouldnt be too expensive as there are many services that run
between Australia and the US.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions...

Russell Smith ................   viperwebkiosks@bigpond.com
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