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Digital Sat Help

I'm still setting up my new satellite station.  I have a PacComm NB-96 
and a PSK-1 and a FT-736R and a few questions.  Please reply direct if 
that is wise.
1.    What digital satellites are operational at this time?  Checking 
the weekly sat report, it doesn't seem like there are many left these days.
2.    Should I bother hooking up the PSK-1 at this time?
3.    Exactly how do I connect the tnc/modem to the FT-736R?  I've 
already performed the 9600 mod and have run the TX & RX lines to a three 
pin connector installed in the back of the radio.  Please walk me 
through the exact cabling; I'm getting confused with the old PacComm 
manuals which mention two radios (PSK-1) and am not sure where the 
connections go.  

Any other helpful comments will be appreciated.  I will be making up a 
cable to use the AO40rcv program to grab that telemetry.

Tnx in advance, Phil  KB9CRY

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