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(Fwd) 7P8 DXpedition adds Satellite Mode

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Subject:        	7P8 DXpedition adds Satellite Mode


 The July 18-25 Lesotho 7P8 DXpedition sponsor by the Lone Star DX
Association and the Texas DX Society has added amateur satellite mode to
its planned operations, DXpeditoin Leader Charles Frost, K5LBU/7P8TA has

 The operation will be on the AO-40 satellite.  The uplink will be
U--band (70cm) uplink on U-band 435.550 to 435.800 MHz CW/LSB and S2
(2.4GHz) downlink 2401.225 - 2401.475 MHz CW/USB, Frost said.  The AO-40
satellite was launched Nov, 16, 2000 aboard an Ariane 5 rocket from
Kourou, French Guiana.

 Equipment including antennas and a down converter were donated by Wayne
Estes, W9AE and a spare
down converter donated by Bruce Paige, KK5DO. Paige, qsl manager for the
recent P5/4L4FN operation from North Korea is also providing
pre-Dxpedition satellite training in Houston. Paige is AMSAT VP of User
Services & ARRL Awards Manager (WAS, 5BWAS, VUCC). For additional 7P8
satellite information and news click on http://www.amsatnet.com   

 "We're glad to offer such a needed mode from Lesotho," Frost said,
adding that those wanting to  make a contact with the DXpedition "take
it easy on us because none of us are satellite operators, but we are
willing to try our best at giving everyone who wants one a 7P8 QSO."  

 Besides Frost, the operators include: Igor Zdorov, W0IR, of
 Minneapolis MN, Dave Anderson of Ashville NC K4SV/7P8DA, Madison Jones
of Houston TX, W5MJ/7P8MJ; Neil King of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
Canada VA7DX/7P8NK; and Tom Anderson of Colleyville TX, WW5L/7P8TA, on
the all modes, all band team July 18-25 from Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho.  "

 The 7P8 operation will be an all mode, all band operation. "We
  hope to have at least one station on the air 24 hours a day," said
 Frost, of Missouri City TX, vice-president of the Texas DX Society
 http://www.tdxs.net/, which is coordinating the DXpedition along with
the Lone Star DX Association
 http://www.dxer.org/lsdxa. "Two of our operators are excellent SSB
operators and the other four
  are specialists in CW and the digital modes," he added. Jones is
 president of the TDXS, while Tom Anderson is vice-president and
  director of the Lone Star DX Association.

   Operations will be will be at the Hotel Mount Maluti
  http://www.seelesotho.com/mountmaluti.htm near Mohale's Hoek (30.16 S
 and 27.48 E).  Equipment includes Tribanders for 10-15-20, a 2 element
 WARC Band antenna, a log periodic, a 40-80-160 vertical, and Alpha
 40/80/160 dipoles. Kenwood TS850S, ICOM 706MKIIg and 756 PRO, plus 600
 and 1 KW amps. Most of the equipment is already in country.

 QSLs will be handled by each operator separately via their
  home calls as each will have their own 7P8 call.

 QSL routes are: 7P8CF--K5LBU--Frosty; 7P8TA--WW5L--Tom;
 7P8NK--VA7DX--Neil; 7P9DA--K4SV--Dave; and  7P8IR--W0IR--Igor.

  Andre van Wyck, ZS6WPX, is the on-scene coordinator of the

 Commerical equipment donors include Tennadyne Antennas, Array
Solutions, and AY-Technologies.

 For additional information contact Frost at frosty1@pdq.net or
 Tom Anderson at WW5L@gte.net.

 K4SV and VA7DX will also be operating from 3DA after 7P8, but callsigns
have not been issued yet.

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T5, 7.5Mhz
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