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Re: 23cm attempts on Ao40

>  a lot of lines...
>  60 watts with a single K3TZ gave 539 on 2401
>     dimensions given by DC9ZP in AMSAT-DL journal

Hmmmm I guess this antenna is with forced air cooling....
I have only 20W... 5W on 70cm with 7el. antenna is already enough on 70cm.
I know 23cm has more "path-losses" but never expect it to be so much... 
(when it is only this)
>  since about two years i monitoring your attempts to reach AO-40  K-band 
>there must be somethin wrong..

There is nothing wrong. I am only different than most amateurs. The 
difference is that I don't buy everything and than say "self-made station". 
When making the coax cables are like "self-made station" then I maybe didn't 
understand the meaning of "self-made station".
It is the same with the /p meaning. Lot of amateurs call a station /p when 
it is moveable (by truck).

About the K-band, I am still working on that. No, not saving money to buy 
some expensive converter, but to make some own design, and real technicians 
know that designing SHF stuff is not like mounting connectors on a coax 

>  D K 2 Z F   T 8 8 Z F   V 6 3 Z F
>  hope to work you during my bext Pacific trip  will use L/S-mode entirely

Good luck with your next Pacific trip and I can work you without problems, 
portable or with my main station :-)

>  its so easy !!!

Thats just what I don't like.
I only like the things that are not easy, there are things to learn, to 

I wish you lot of fun and many qso's during your Pacific Trip,
and I will have fun in improving my 23cm uplink and K-band downlink...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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