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Re: AO-40 with a single rotor

On Wed, 28 May 2003, Bill Acito W1PA wrote:

> http://webpages.charter.net/acito/FD2003/ao40tracks.jpg
> Image link: the next 40 sky paths of AO-40 at my location.
> If I am only planning on running AO-40, is there any reason why I
> couldn't use a single rotor, tilted (in my case and location) about 45
> deg, so that the rotation plane follows the orbit (since the usable
> portion follows within a 4-5 deg window of elevation)?

That works just fine.  In fact, if you arent going to use the dish for
any thing else,  you can kick out the outer panels on the top and bottom.
 This keeps the narrow beam pattern in the horizontal axis, but broadens
it to several degrees in the vertical direction.  Since it was a 10' dish
in the first place, you can throw away the 3 dB of the lost panels for
ease of tracking.  ANd still have plenty of gain..


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