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Re: Downconverter noise - success

Hello again,

After a little experimenting with the power inserter, the system now works! I 
have the beacon at about 4 S points above the noise. I had expected to hear a 
morse beacon instead of a data stream.

Dish pointing is quite critical especially in azimuth. Now I have to figure 
out how I'm going to mount it. The dish came with a ring that has three tabs 
that are secured between the petals. Unfortunately the ring is badly rusted 
and the tabs would most likely break off in a slight wind.

I listened for an hour or so to see if the signal would increase but it stayed 
fairly constant except for a constant waving of about S 1. I suppose this was 
caused by the wind blowing the tress around.

I checked the schedule and discovered that I will have to get up fairly early 
in the morning if I'm to hear any voices. The phase at the moment is 189 and 
the transponder was turned off at 100.


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