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Re: AO-40 newbee

I could hear the MB about 15:00 UTC, almost due south of us on the east
coast. I was checking a few dishes with a AIDC3731AA (123MHz IF) and a
VR-500 handheld receiver.

To follow a couple of today's threads:

1. Yes, I could hear it (the MB)
2. I was using a VR-500 for the IF RX, and I get a solid S5 noise off my
downconverter --- yes, there is a lot of gain from the IF.
3. My silver mylar umbrella prototype for FD just ain't cutting it -- 
probably the shape irregularities. I was able to find a 68" fiberglass
strut golf umbrella, and some self-adhesive silver mylar from a
hydroponics shop. My 90 cm offset dish sill beats it, by at least 3db,
using the same patch feed on both.


The silvered area of the umbrella is about 1m across.


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