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RE: Starting Up

Ralph Bolt wrote:

I'm a month away from retirement and intend to build my first satellite 
station from the ground up.  I'd like specific suggestions for a 
complete station from the rig to the antenna in fine detail from coax 
to pre-amps to station accessories, software, you name it; from the IC 
910 to the satellites (AO 40 included) and back, what do I need?

Michael Pawlowski wrote:

This sounds like something that should be on the AMSAT site.  A number of sample (working) satellite stations for working the various satellites, or at least some links to representative sites...

Wayne replies:

I believe that some example station setups will be documented on the upcoming Area Coordinator resource CD.

AMSAT may not want to include this kind of information on the web site because AMSAT doesn't want to give the impression of endorsing the use of specific equipment.  We must clearly state that these are merely examples of various members' satellite stations.  But I do agree that it is helpful to have well-documented examples of different stations, covering the gamut from simple to complex, homebrew and commercial, analog and digital, fixed location and portable, large and small, low cost and high cost, with various band configurations.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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