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for Gunther

Hi Gunther,

I got on AO-40 for the first time since they
threw the switch back on
today.  Here the squint was less than 10 and
range was close in and I still
was not getting good CRCs.  I could see those
spikes from the radar or
whatever it is march across the screen of the
756 and the spacing and timing
was such that it would hit the beacon once each
packet.  Then it occurred to
me, I am watching typical pulse type
interference, so I reached out and
pushed the NB button.  I could still see the
spikes on screen, but no longer
could I hear them.  I quickly turned my
attention back to the telemetry
program and bingo a good CRC !! In fact every
packet after that was good.
So it looks like I found a cure for the radar
spikes.  The NB never never
has worked on any rig ever in the past on
pulsing interference until today..
.who would of thought, thank you noise blanker!!

Thanks for all your help  . . . you might put my
finding on the BBS (I'm not
subscribed, I just read the archives).

by the way, your e-mail address is bouncing

73's  Tracy K7KCS
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