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KK5YY Memorial Gathering

Fellow Hams:

Barbara, Jerry KK5YY's wife, asked me to distribute information about
Jerry's memorial gathering.  Please pass this on to other hams you know, on
nets, at Ham gatherings, etc.  The gathering will take place this Sunday,
June 1st, 2:00PM at the Pajarito Ski Lodge.  The area is through Los Alamos
on the way to Jemez Springs. There will be a road to the right with a small
brown sign with a skier on it and you follow that road to the end where
you'll see the runs and the lodge.  Complete driving directions are located
at http://www.skipajarito.com/directions.html.  Barbara is really hoping
that a lot of people are able to come because it would make Jerry feel
happy.  Jerry knew many of you guys and gals, so please forgive Barbara if
she doesn't recognize you!

This will not be a service.  Just a few little desserts, drinks and pictures
of Jerry, etc.  She hopes a few people will feel comfortable sharing a story
or a few remarks with the group that is there.  Just being there will mean a
lot to them, but if you are unable to make it, please at least spend a
minute or two around that time thinking of Jerry.

While the above is all the information anyone should need, if there are any
questions, don't hesitate to email me with them.  I hope to see everyone
there to remember and pay tribute to a great Ham.  Local repeaters that can
be used on the way from at least the Albuquerque area are the 145.33 (-, 100
Hz PL) on Sandia Crest and the 145.19 (-, no PL) atop Pajarito Mountain.
Let's all produce some RF and chat on the way.

Brian, N5ZGT

Amateur Radio Station N5ZGT - N5ZGT PBBS, 145.01 MHz
ARRL Life Member, NorCal #1700, QRP-L #580, AK/QRP #125
Boy Scouts of America - Eagle Scout - ASM, Troop 409
Vigil Honor Member, O.A. Lodge 66 Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess

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