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Re: Sats for packet 9600 and software

Bob & Howard,

WB4APR writes:
> > I keep forgetting that the Kenwood TS2000 also has a built-in TNC like the
>  > D7 and D700.  I know it does not support front panel APRS, but otherwise
>  > is the TNC identical?  That is, in packet mode, it is both 1200 and 9600
>  > and uses the same command set?

G6LVB writes:
>  The TS-2000 has a similar command set but I believe that it will not TX
>  properly due to the rudimentary DCD (ie squelch open). Jerry K5OE has the
>  low down on that, and it can be circumvented with manual intervention.

Yes, this is a goofy thing with the TS2K TNC.  For some reason, Kenwood did 
not document all the commands the TNC actually has available to it.  In fact, 
doing a DISP does not even list them!  But, by trial and error, I have 
determined some of the more common (and useful) commands actually do exist and work in 
the TNC.  The problem you mention above is remedied by simply SOFTDCD ON.  
Setting that command before launching WISP allows UO-22 to be controlled 
unattended.  BTW, I listened this morning for UO-22 and heard nothing but silence 
(still) on the 1230z pass.  

The above mentioned problem is not really an issue with ISS and PC-sat since 
those birds are not really operated in full-duplex mode like UO-22.  For these 
two 1200 b birds I just leave the receiver squelched and the TNC waits until 
it hears a "clear" spot to transmit.  Ditto for APRS using UI-View.
Jerry, K5OE
ps:  a good reference for the TS2K TNC is technical data on the Alinco EJ-41U 
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