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My involvement with KK5YY

 Like Chris, I too met Jerry through a satellite demo he provided at a
Hamfest, MANY years ago.  I figured, "gee, this guy thinks he can work a
better part of the world with only a 2-watt HT and handheld antenna!"  He
picked me out of the crowd and asked if I could do the antenna pointing for
him.  As soon as I got the hang of what to do, and listened to him say hello
to regulars on AO-27 in CA, UT, VT and others, I was hooked.  That, I later
found out, was his intention.

I then became as active as I could on the satellite bands, along with Chris
N2YQP, with Jerry's guidance.  Every time I went out to work the birds with
Chris, or alone, I used every opportunity to say hello to Jerry on the
bands -- even to say hello to him from Albuquerque to Los Alamos via a 1000
mile round-trip RF link!  I was fortunate to nab and confirm my first QSO
with Alaska through him with a 2 watt dual-band HT while he was kayaking
through a very unpopulated part of its wilderness.

Jerry orchestrated a unique one-on-one QSO with the folks aboard the
International Space Station (see
http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2001/06/28/2/) in June of 2001 for many
school children.  It made their day to talk to someone in outer space!  He
provided all of the gear and logistics to make it happen, and I was
fortunate to be at his side to assist him.  He then told me about Gene
Chapline K5YFL, and asked me to find and meet him at the 2001 National Scout
Jamboree where I staffed K2BSA.  Gene organized an ISS contact for the
Scouts there.

Jerry also volunteered his time with the New Mexico Swapnet, heard on
Thursday evenings across the state on over 30 linked repeaters.  Without his
help, this 12+ year-old net would have died long ago due to a lack of net
control operators.  Unfortunately, we will have to put out the "wanted" sign
for another enthusiastic net control station to fill his place.

Jerry was always an interesting person to chat with about a variety of
topics, including his work, Amateur Radio, his love for Alaska, and of
course his humor and jokes! I have a couple pics of Jerry on my website
located at www.swcp.com/~n5zgt, one of which was obtained from one of his
close AMSAT friends on the AMSAT listserve.  Please keep Jerry, his wife
Barbara and their family in your thoughts and prayers.  He will be missed

Brian, N5ZGT

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> Subject: [abqham] KK5YY
> > I first met Jerry about 7 yrs ago when he did one of his sat demos at
> > the Socorro hamfest in '96. He had the same HT as I had, and to see
> > him make contacts all around the country with only an HT and that
> > Arrow antenna, I went right over and bought one. I have been using it
> > for the most part ever since. I remember some of the contacts we had,
> > even when we were both traveling. The best was when we did a half
> > watt contact with Jerry at the Anchorage hamfest and myself at the
> > Albuquerque hamfest over at the armory in Rio Rancho. That contact
> > was over two thousand miles and was a thrilling experience to have
> > shared with Jerry. He was a great friend and wonderful person. I will
> > miss not hearing him on the air, whether it be on the birds or doing
> > the Thursday night swapnet. He will be deeply missed . My heartfelt
> > condolences go out to his wife, Barbara.
> >
> >
> >
> > Chris N2YQP
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