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Re: L band uplink help

Hi Darren,

I was listening to you for a bit during the pass, and did hear you work on
uhf, tho' not very strong.

I think the key comment you made was that the L-band beamwidth is much
sharper. That is true not only at your station, requiring you to have much
more accurate aiming of your L-band antenna than you need for U-band, but
also the satellite's antennas are sharper. If you were doing your L-band
tests at a squint angle of much more than 10-15 degrees, you would have
certainly had a very weak signal with that setup. As the squint comes down
below 10 degrees, the L-band signal gets much stronger very quickly, and
your setup should certainly be capable of making contacts.

Also, keep in mind that the range to the satellite also has a large effect
on the strength of the signals, again moreso on L-band than on U-band.

Keep trying, and I'll try to give you a call  when I next hear you.



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