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L band uplink help

Hi all, had my first attempt at L band this afternoon. I wasn't sure if
I was to use L1 or L2v so I tried both. I had a 35 ele tonna with 4 foot
of coax on the back of the IC-910X (10watts) in the garden. I pointed
the antenna in the same direction as my downlink G3RUH dish but could
not find my signal. Is L band on ? I then tried a 70cm beam and no
problem on 435Mhz. I know the L band beam is much sharper but nothing at
all while moving it around.I would of thought 23cm would have enough
signal with 35ele and no loss in 4 foot of coax. Any ideas ?
Darren G4VTQ
QRA IO90WX   Beacon was 59 during tests.

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