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Re: PCSAT2 (prototype) on AIR

> > PCSAT2 prototype is on the air in Annapolis, Maryland (USA)
> >   * APRS/UI digipeater  (145.825 up and down)
> >   * PSK-31 transponder  (10m ssb up 435.250 down) (see note below)
> >   * FM Voice repeater.  (145.800 up 437.975 down)
> > See:     http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/pcsat2.html

After putting it on the air, I had family obligations and so could only
monitor it with the APRS radio in my car.  But just half way to our
appointement, I started hearing lots of packets.  I thought, wow, someone
is trying it already.

Then I noticed that most of the packets were from PCsat who must have just
come over the horizon.  Then I had the brilliant idea of trying a
cross-satellite link (what PCSAT2 is deisgned for)....  But then my idea
was dashed by the realization that PCSAT2 is operating through 200' of
coax from the basement.

But, on a CLEAR day with no chance of rain, it will be fun to roll PCSAT2
outside into the open air (no coax loss) and let everyone digi through it
by going through PCsat first.  In fact, lets plan on it for Tuesday.

The near noontime pass when PCsat goes over the east coast.  The path will
be to digi via APRSAT,APRSAT,APRSAT so that it gets through PCsat, then
PCSAT2 and back to PCsat and to you.


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