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Hi All,

You may not hear many VK6 hams on AO40 for a while. Many of us are 
suffering from interference from some form of wide band data 
transmission centred on 2.4GHz.  The signal covers much of the Perth 
metro area and is very strong. So strong in fact that it does not matter 
where you beam you can still hear it - mainly from reflections I expect.

The signal, which runs continuously,  sounds like a 100Hz buzzing sound 
and has a bandwidth of about 4MHz.  Looking at the signal on a spectrum 
analyser it has a flat top and very steep sides.  The signal started 
about 6 weeks ago and one suggestion is that it might be an image 
response of our S band down converters to the 2.1GHz G3 mobile phone 
service that have just started tests.

I'm organising a DF party this weekend where many of the VK6 AO40 
operators will try and take a bearing so we can attempt to locate the 
source.  I'll let you know what we find, in the mean time if anyone has
any idea what this signal may be please email me.

73's  Phil... VK6APH

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