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PCSAT2 (prototype) on AIR

PCSAT2 prototype is on the air in Annapolis, Maryland (USA) and may be
workable out to about 10 miles.  We invite anyone in range to
please experiment with its three transponders:

  * APRS/UI digipeater  (145.825 up and down)
  * PSK-31 transponder  (10m ssb up 435.250 down) (see note below)
  * FM Voice repeater.  (145.800 up 437.975 down)

See:     http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/pcsat2.html

We need your help to test it thoroughly so we can fix any bugs now instead
of living with them later.  Like PCsat, PCSAT2 has no control system other
that the basic KPC-9612+ TNC.  Thus we used the CONNECT LED as the
simple means for USER control of the transponders.  This way, anyone can
turn on a transponder and the connection-time-out process gives us an
automatic time out 8 minues later to save power when it is not in use.


1) To provide some signals for the PSK-31, the HF uplink is not on 10m
   but is being fed by an external 20m receiver listening to 14.070.
   We do not expect you to try to transmit, but just have something to

2) TELEMETRY is running at 4 times the rate we will use on flight.

3) To give you something to do, we activated the PBBS.  Its call is
   PC2BBS.  This is NOT normally going to be used on PCSAT2.  But
   is an easy way to test the packet system.

4) Next week, I will release a telemetry decoding and display program.

Again, see the web page above for details

de WB4APR, Bob

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