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YACER Now Available on AMSAT.org - NEW VERSION -

YACER 101 Announcement

Thanks to all the people who requested an e-mail copy of the new YACER
I am pleased to announce that the Revised YACER101 software package is
now available on the AMSAT-NA and
very soon on the AMSAT-DL web site. The -DL site will have YACER in
English & German (thanks to Reinhard

The -NA sites are listed below.

I will no longer be e-mailing the package. (We did about 100 in two
We will however, attempt to help you with any questions.

ATTENTION: Those that received the Package via early e-mail.
An error was brought to my attention about half way through the
requests. A file "D021228.tlm", was
missing from the "Orbit 922" folder.
Please check the download file you received. If it does not say
"YACER101.zip" you will need to 
re-download the new version from the AMSAT sites.
Again, the current version is YACER101.zip, which includes YACER101.exe
& Readme.txt.

Thanks to everyone expressing an interest.. Enjoy!!

Gunther Meisse

Delivery of YACER via the Internet:
It's available now at
or by FTP from ftp.amsat.org in

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