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RE: RE:My 'First AO40 FD ' question


Well I don't think this is a very practical idea.  First it is not in the
rules to exclude home stations on FD.  Why?  In a "real" emergency it can
be real handy to have home stations on the air!  A home station running on
emergency power is just as valuable a test as those in "the city park"!  Do
you have the ability to get on emergency power at home in 2-minutes?

But another thing to consider is how many AO-40 stations will be available
from just class A&B locations?  If you are talking Leos such as UO-14,
then, yes, there are too many stations, for all to have the ability to make
a contact.  Up here in Alaska the home stations often provide half the
contacts for field stations...we have learned to use only passes that don't
cover the lower-48 (on Leos)!  Would you like the Alaska section for FD on
AO-40?  You won't likely hear many if you exclude class D & E (maybe one or
two will be on from a field-day site).  Maybe none!

73, Ed - AL7EB
If I get on, I will only be available for about an hour from home on FD.
Have other priorities this year.  You may get your wish! 

At 10:19 PM 5/22/2003 -0400, Bowman, Greg wrote:
>The D & E class stations are home stations, operating from commercial or
>emergency power, per the ARRL Field Day rules. Field Day has its roots in an
>emergency field operations test, and has migrated into the best public
>relations event held annually that demonstrates the public service
>capabilities of amateur radio operators. To best exhibit our emergency and
>portable capabilities, I don't think it does the amateur community justice
>to roll out the biggest in pre-amps, amps, dishes, and yagis to demonstrate
>to the public , as well as up-and-coming satellite operators, that you need
>to have $K-bucks to work the birds. The birds have very limited time and
>bandwidth as compared to the HF bands . And yes bonus points would be
>sacrificed by voluntarily excluding D & E class stations, but it should give
>those out there with lesser portable equipment a chance to make a few
>contacts without being completely frustrated...while the public and
>prospective amateurs are watching.
>Best regards and GL on FD,

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