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LSU ACES Balloon Project - Success

To everyone...

Just want to let everyone know that the Louisiana State University ACES
Balloon Project is now complete and was a total success. 

The Balloon Launch occurred Wednesday morning at 7:15AM and was
recovered at approxemelty 9:30AM. During the flight the entire payload
reached speeds of up to 102MPH and rose to an altitude of 98,800 feet
before bursting. The VHF APRS beacon was heard by several mobile units
in Baton Rouge starting at 27,000 feet. Recovery of the payload was also
a success, the use of APRS put us within 100feet of the drop site, in
fact the only thing stopping us was someone's property, which we had to
get permission to enter first. The drop site was located 5.5 East-North
East of Pollok, Texas, a total of 60 miles from the launch site, 1/4
mile from the Angelina River. All payloads were intact and no damage
occurred at all.

As for satellite work, we were unable to work any satellite passes after
my original e-mail due to inclimate weather conditions. The entire time
we were there a front was passing over and actually stalled for a period
of time; which forced our launch to be moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be putting all of the pictures
and data together. As this becomes avaliable, I will keep the list
updated. Thanks and 73.

Justin W. Pauler, W5JWP
E-Mail: justin@w5jwp.org
WWW: http://www.w5jwp.org

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