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RE:My 'First AO40 FD ' question

Field Day is very really a challenge on satellites. Last Field day i managed to
36 contacts in under 90 minutes Using 50w and 11 elements on a camera tripod.
Right now your thinking 'WoW Cool"  But here is the rest of the story.
When the contest first started the Agc was pushed so high on the bird that
i couldnt even copy my CW carrier.  The downlink was a 39" dish with .6db NF.
So i thought about it for a bit , looked at the whole pass and how long the
lasted and came to the conclusion that most the guys doing 'real field day' as
opposed to pretending to do field day from their shacks at home would be
running a lot less power. So i waited till about 2:30 am and tried again.
By then all the pretend guys had went to bed and making contacts was easy.

GL on field day,

Keith N6ORS

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