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My 'First AO40 FD ' question

I'm preparing for my first AO40 FD with new portable antennas, hoping to 
uplink  with my FT847 and a 14 element CP GulfAlpha antenna on 70 cm.

June's QST suggests at least 100W uplink power to an 11 element (or 
more) antenna for mode U/S operation, because Field Day is 'not like any 
other weekend'. This has me wondering exactly HOW much activity there 
might be! All I have is the AO40 QSO party to compare to. Is FD busier? 
 Is the minimum 100W uplink power an exageration?  Elsewhere I've read 
'you better bring along your key' if you expect to make contacts without 
alot of power.

Bye the way, I believe my downlink portable system will be sensitive 
enough to compare with my base station. (1 meter P* dish, 0.9 NF 
downverter)  I think I will hear the bird fine.

Should I expect it to be a struggle to make voice QSO's due to 
congestion, or AGC levels?

Any realistic advice appreciated!


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