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Re: Cable Modems on HAM bands?

on 5/20/03 3:14 PM, RogerKola@aol.com wrote:

>> You have lost track of the original purpose of Bob Bruninga's message!  He
>> wanted to see if he could USE a cable modem in the ham bands.
> I believe I could take my second generation cable box hook it to an outside
> antenna and use it as a receiver for ATV on 430 mhz....can anyone say if the
> 2 way communications aspect of cable has changed this?

This would be your cable BOX and not the cable modem.  Standard analog cable
hasn't changed any.  The question is what the channel maping on your box is.
If it's a digital cable box, then it receives both digital and analog CATV
signals.  The digital signals are sent in some of the unused channel slots.
But the channel number on the cable box doesn't necessarily follow the
"channel number" for the RF slot.  The digital cable boxes don't necessarily
go up in frequency with increasing channel number on the box.  Make sense?

But you could certainly try it.  I don't know how good the sensitivity is.
Just make sure you can figure out the correct channel number and try it out.

Better yet, just use a cable ready TV hooked to your ATV beam.  If I
remember correctly, the 430 ATV frequency is something like cable channel 13
or 14.  I have successfully done that.


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