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RE: AO-40 Update, 2003-05-18

Hi Steve

> What software does one use to see this new FEC encoded blocks?

At the moment there is no off the shelf decoding software.

If you are experienced in C then it is possible to take an open source AO-40
decoder like the one from Thomas HN9JNX (p3dmodem) and bolt in the code
provided by Phil Karn KA9Q on his web site. I'm going to do that tomorrow
for testing purposes.

The FEC downlink will only be switched on for relatively short periods in
order to get samples and analyse the effectiveness of the new scheme. We are
a long way from changing the downlink format for general use and normal
beacon listeners don't need to be worried about it.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

> Steve

Jonathan  G4KLX
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