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PACSAT via satellite transponder


Its already a while ago that I tried to make some kind of groundstation BBS 
operating worldwide via a high orbit satellite. 
I have tried 1200PSK but problems occured in the uplink, what I could not get 
working right in LSB mode :-(
Other options like RTTY or PSK31 are very good modes via high orbit 
transponders, but there it is a software problem.

In my opinion high orbit satellite transponders like Ao40 could be very well 
used as (slow) backbone like PACSATs.
I like to know if maybe someone already test this idea ?

The same idea can be used with a PACSAT groundstation that is always qrv via 
the high orbit satellite.
Or a groundstation that send RTTY bullitins etc... to working via satellite 
more interresting.
I am still looking for some good RTTY bbs software to test it myself :-)

What do you think of it ? Maybe another idea to get the birds more active .-)

73 de PE1RAH, William
(I entered this message via a packet gateway, so I'm also radioactive during 
the making of this message .-)
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