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Re: RE: [Fwd: ARLB035 FCC declines to grant amateur LF

on 5/20/03 10:39 AM, Edward R. Cole wrote:

> Well to hazard a guess why they differentiate:  my guess it is the
> "satellite" part of the class of operation that matters.  Regualting
> radiating satellites is a different deal than earth-born transmitters
> because the wide-range they span.  Also potential for RFI to othere
> satellites might be a reason.  RF polution of space, another?

This all comes back to the question of "What does the term 'Amateur
Satellite Service' apply to?"  I completely understand the need and desire
to have a slightly different regulation on the satellites as they are global
in nature as opposed to most other forms of V/U/Microwave communications.
While things like EME are global, each transmitter operates according to the
rules of its own country.  In satellite however, the satellite continuously
moves and covers different countries.  So yes, I see a need for a global
"service" with global frequency coordination and radiation requirements,

But this then begs the question, what service is the amateur station on
earth who is using the satellite operating under?  Or does the word "both"
apply?  My guess is that it does.

So I don't think that we need to have a worry with the idea of uplinking on
2.4 GHz being a problem with interference to WLAN.  And I agree with your
statement below.  We wanted the "primary" allocation at 2.4 for Satellite
service particularly because we wanted to try to eliminate the interference
some people are having at 2401 with WLAN and AO-40.  I bet the FCC looked at
that and thought it silly that we'd want only part of the Amateur Sat
Service band primary yet allow the rest a shared basis.  It's also not like
the FCC to adopt a policy change based on a single and crippled satellite.
> My guess with primary amateur service, you will have the legal standing to
> protest.  You need not state you are engaged in satellite work...maybe?  My
> 2400 MHz propagation beacon is primary in any case ;-)



Jon Ogden
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