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Re: RE: [Fwd: ARLB035 FCC declines to grant amateur LF

Scott and Jon,

At 09:06 AM 5/20/2003 -0500, Jon Ogden wrote:
>on 5/19/03 9:56 AM, Scott Townley wrote:
>> Certainly having Amateur be primary doesn't hurt the Satellite operator,
>> exactly the reasons you state.  If the FCC were inclined to slice thinly,
>> however, an AO-40 operator couldn't complain to the FCC about cordless
>> interference...but an ATV or other terrestrial user could.
>Ah yes, but as you stated, receiving a satellite signal doesn't make one
>automatically fall into the Amateur Satellite Service now does it.  One
>could argue that the cordless phone is causing undesired interference which
>it is not supposed to do according to part 15.
>To me, the issue in terms of which service you operate under is more of an
>interference issue related to transmissions.  We certainly don't really have
>to worry about satellite signals interfering with part 15 devices.  We would
>have to be careful if we uplink on 2.4 to the satellite though.  Still,
>perhaps the FCC rationale is that if we are uplinking to satellite, our
>antennas are generally pointed skyward and quite directional and less likely
>to interfere terrestrially anyhow than a terrestrial signal.
>Anyhow, this classifying the Amateur Satellite Service is a separate service
>from the Amateur service is very confusing and I've never been able to
>understand why it's done in the first place.  And it certainly doesn't make
>a lot of logical sense why different rules and priorities apply between the

Well to hazard a guess why they differentiate:  my guess it is the
"satellite" part of the class of operation that matters.  Regualting
radiating satellites is a different deal than earth-born transmitters
because the wide-range they span.  Also potential for RFI to othere
satellites might be a reason.  RF polution of space, another?

My guess with primary amateur service, you will have the legal standing to
protest.  You need not state you are engaged in satellite work...maybe?  My
2400 MHz propagation beacon is primary in any case ;-)

73, Ed - AL7EB

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