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RE-ANNOUNCING: ao40link link budget program for Windows

I had several notifications of a "busted link" to my ao40link program today.
Turns out it was a simple UNIX hiccup (a lower-case to upper-case 
conversion that I missed in the filename).
All is tested and works now.  So give it a spin!


I have written a stand-alone version of Gene Marcus' link budget spreadsheet.
Two advantages/features:
1. Doesn't require Microsquish Excel to run.  It's an executable program 
all to
2. Will calculate your own uplink SNR based on a Nova for Windows listing 
plus the maximum transmit power to keep from triggering LEILA.

Several months ago I had written an adjunct macro to Gene's version 2.0
spreadsheet to do the same thing.  But macro programming in Excel is a bit
convoluted :-)  Plus, the listing file format for NfW changed with 2.1v and it
was easier to start from scratch!

So, check it out.  I find it convenient to have a weekly listing at the
operating position.


Scott Townley NX7U
Gilbert, AZ  DM43di

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