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Re: [aprssig] Source of UO-14 Messages?

On Mon, 19 May 2003 KB7ADO@aol.com wrote:

> Just wondering if someone knows where the messages come from that appear as
> though they've been sent by UO-14.  We have at least one person in the PNW
> who regularily receives them on his D700 mobile and has no idea how or why
> he's been chosen...

He has his position comment set to CUSTOM1 which is used as a "request for
satellite info".  If there is an APRSdata engine in your area, and UO-14
comes above the horizon, then it will send a message to the voice
synthesizer in the D700 that will SPEAK the satellite name (UO-14) and its
elevation angle

> It sends one of three different Kenwood D700 VOICE message codes, %[52]
> for HIGH, %[53] for MED, or %[53] for LOW.

Since anyone with a mobile FM rig can QSO through UO-14 if they just know
it is in view, this way if you are mobile, your radio will tell you of a
satellite QSO oopportunity.

And since APRSdata also sends out UO-14 as an object, all the D700 user
has to do is scan down his LIST to find UO-14 and there he will see not
only how far away the satellite is and what direction, but also what the
UPLINK and DONWLINK freqs are (including doppler!).  Thus, everyrhing you
need to work UO-14, the FM repeater in the sky...

See    http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/satinfo.html


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