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817 dissapointment

Maybe someone on the list has been here before. I hooked my 817 to my home
setup on AO-40 today in preparation for going to VP2E. Just 5 minutes before
I was receiving the beacon s4-s5 above the noise on my Icom 821. When I
switched to the 817 with the same setup I could barely tell it was there.
Everything identical except the receiver. I was on the right antenna port on
the 817, in USB, AGC off. Almost inaudible. Switching to my FT-100 the
signal was easily copyable.

My gut reaction is the receiver in the 817 is crap on VHF, but am I
overlooking something here? I've used it briefly on the same setup, but only
to briefly demo the beacon....If this is the case, I am truly

Confused....Drew KO4MA

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