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Re: 3731 Crystal

At 06:01 PM 5/15/03 +0000, Keith O'Brien wrote:
>Would  someone please tell me what the fundamental frequency is for the 
>original, stock, Trans
>System AIDC-3731AA converter is. The one I have is soldered over and I can't 
>see the numbers..
>Thanks.. Keith N4ZQ


I believe the MMDS convertors were somewhat standardized.  The unmodified
Drake has a 123 MHz IF for a signal of 2401 MHz => LO is 2278 MHz.  The
xtal is mult by 256, so 2278/256 = 8.898 MHz.  Sorry I cannot be more
certain re: the AIDC-3731A, but perhaps others may respond. 

Ed - AL7EB

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