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Cable Modems on HAM bands?

A Cable Modem operates at RF (in a cable TV system).

WHy not simply hook it up to a converter to up/down convert the signal to
a pair of HAM bands and get High data rates on the HAM bands.

This idea came from Ron Parise WA4SIR during a chat around the water
cooler.  There's lots we don't know, and maybe someone on the APRS or
AMSAT sigs works in the industry and can fill us in.

Things we assume:
1) Uplink is below 50 MHz, downlink is somewhere in the CATV passband.
2) Since uplink and donwlink are different, then a "repeater" would need
to be installed in the city to tie everyone togther (or a HAM satellite).

This approach at taking a consumer item and modifying it for HAM use has a
certain atttraction, since it gives us an unlimited supply of
cheap hardware on which to build...  The ONLY thing we have to build are
the repeaters (or satellite), for all of use users its plug-n-play.

Any experts want to fill in the modem details and the bandwidths and


Since the uplink (inlink) is low data rate, it could probably fit easily
in the 220 or 440 band somewhere, the downlink (or outlink) might fit in
900 or 1296 somewhere...?

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