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Re: FIELD DAY 2003

At 05:46 PM 5/14/03 -0400, Lee wrote:
>    IIII       FFF
>    IIII       FFFFFF
>    IIII       FFF
>IIIIIIIIIII  FFF               everyone behaves properly, 5w into a 14 dbic
>antenna should be plenty of uplink power on 70cm.  I'm not familiar with how
>much antenna gain would be needed for L-band.  Under normal conditions
>100-150w EIRP is exactly how I operate on 70cm.  I am hopeful that the word
>is getting out that running excessive uplink power is detrimental to
>everyone.  I will be attempting to work AO-40 QRP from our club's FD
>Good Luck,

GL Lee!

My one experience operating QRP in FD was dismal.  I tried to operate at 5w
on 20m for psk-31 and made 1 or 2 contacts!  This surprized me considering
25w is std power for HF psk-31.  OK what does this have to do with AO-40?
Well my experience on AO-10 in past FD's was if you didn't have a loud
signal, you didn't work stations...never mind "right" or "wrong" ;-)  Same
went for UO-14!  HT's were drowned out on FD by the 100+w big-yagi boys!

Remember FD is a "CONTEST" regardless what anyone purports it to be!

So I hope you plan on operating cw on AO-40 "just in case".

Now what I have yet to hear is whether AO-40 will have a favorable pass and
squint angle by then?

73, Ed - AL7EB
Hmm: Maybe I can have 500w and my 8-foot dish ready for mode-L by
FD....just kidding ;-)

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