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Re: Is "silvered" mylar a reflector of UHF/microwaves?,


This kind of question I have asked a long time ago also.
Nobody could tell me so I tested some kind of MYLAR that is used as 
heat-radiator warmth reflectors at the wall.

The result was that is reflects on 2m, 70cm, 13cm and 10GHz (more tests I 
have not done).
Finally I have made an inflatable dish and a foldable dish with it and both 
work great !!!!!

The inflatable dish is very impractical because it takes 30min. to pomp it 
up and compesor to keep it that way haha. But I made several Ao40 contacts 
with it.
The foldable dish I have used many times and can be seen om my weppage. The 
test results compaired with a full metal dish is about 6dB difference. The 
difference is little caused by the MYLAR but most by the not 100% parabolic 

With this material I have also done tests on 2m and 70cm, and it can be used 
very well. The only problem is that you still need some copper strip for the 
radiator, as the MYLAR will not be able to solder :-(

Look on my webpage for more details and pictures:

73 de PE1RAH, William

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